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June 9



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We are honored to welcome Lauren Hickman back to KOSA on June 9th and 10th for a special day of energetic healing and insight. Consider transitioning into the summer season with new energy, following your path with grace and flow, aligned and enlightened by your unique destiny.

The Mirror - 50 minutes

Inspired astrology sessions with Lauren Hickman are heart-centered, offering a mirror of clarity, without the jargon language that comes with typical astrological readings. We start with a body centering meditation and invocation, offering the space for you to ask questions or share what's on your heart. These readings are reflective and intuitively guided, offering space for contemplation or questions that may assist in seeking clarity or the nourishing experience of feeling seen and celebrated for the unique being you are.


The Transformer - 100 minutes

Known to her clients as "The Transformer," these sessions are a culmination of Lauren's work as an astrologist, intuitive, and Reiki facilitator. After an invocation, a pre-counsel session will focus on your needs, attending to the themes and/or blockages that may have you feeling stuck or unclear about the path ahead. Using astrology and intuitive counsel, we'll select a theme and affirmation "seeds" to plant during your Reiki session. This method working with the subconscious is unique to Lauren's Reiki lineage and can only be done in person. You'll be guided through a body centering meditation, the application of the Reiki method and energy balancing, and a post-counsel session with reflections and space to ground.


The Wave - 70 minutes

Session includes intuitive counsel and reframe of circumstance; personalized body centering meditation and full body energy balancing. This session is intended for in depth work, providing the space and time to dive into imbalances in the many facets of our lives (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health).


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a subtle but powerful energy, that provides a clearing or pathway for self-awareness and spiritual integration.

Reiki is a gentle and intelligent energy working in direct contact with your soul to support your being. It is an energy direct from Source. Rei and Ki, both Japanese words for Power or Energy and God or Universal Spirit. It does not exist in this physical plane without being grounded here, hence the need for a Reiki Master Teacher to attune your energy field to Reiki, or to utilize the services of a Reiki practitioner to invite this energy into your life to assist with times of transition, difficulty, feeling a lack of clarity or sense of purpose.

Who is the healer?

You, the client, are the healer.

The Reiki practitioner is always the facilitator, a spiritual guide to assist you in your process. You alone are responsible for your healing journey. A Reiki practitioner may open the door and hand you the map, but ultimately, you are responsible for your wholeness.

What can I expect?

Some clients may have a very gentle and peaceful experience with Reiki as they are "clearing" the blockages that are preventing them from integrating the lessons of a particular imbalance or healing and recovery from a dis-ease that has entered our experience. Others will feel emotional (i.e. angry, sad, happy) or have physical symptoms that mimic a detoxification process. It is unique to the individual and how Reiki is working in confluence with their specific energy and the energy of the imbalance.

About Lauren

Lauren K. Hickman (she/they) is a traditional Reiki mentor, practitioner and astrologer, providing inspired readings and intuitive energy balancing professionally since 2013.

Lauren's moon reports are syndicated with @kin.dsm, a midwest based modern mystical apothecary, where she provides in-house astrology readings & Reiki sessions since 2019.

A recent transplant to Milwaukee, she now offers professional Reiki sessions and astrology readings to clients and groups in Wisconsin and beyond (virtually or in-person).

Currently residing in Milwaukee, she offers professional Reiki sessions, Reiki Trainings and astrology readings to clients and groups in Wisconsin and beyond (virtually or in-person).

find her on instagram @laurenkhickman @ursidae___
and subscribe to her bi-monthly moon mailer at She produces the "Inspired Astrology with Lauren K. Hickman” podcast and is currently co-authoring a book on integrative evolutionary astrology.