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February 18

Feb 18-19


We are honored to introduce Rose Carol, Ayurvedic Practitioner, visiting us from Chicago. Rose will offer these beautiful, deeply healing, and specialized Ayurvedic services and share her wisdom with you. Choose from Marma Therapy or Mantra Sound Healing options below.

She only has 6 openings, so we suggested you book soon!

MARMA THERAPY SESSION - for sleep disorders, overwhelm, headache, inflammation, grief, and anxiety.

“I slept like I hadn’t slept in years"

According to Ayurvedic science, there are 72,000 channels or tubes of circulation called nadis, that circulate prana or life force throughout the physical body. The nadis are about the width of a hair and sometime these channels get blocked, damaged, or corrupted due to stress, pollution, poor diet, and lifestyle.

The points at which prana exits and enters are known as marma points, they are like switch points and these marma points can also get sticky and not function well. Marma therapy unblocks and balances these so life force can flow to all parts of the body and mind with ease.

What are the Benefits of Marma Therapy?

  • Deep sense of relief of pain of migraine, headache, menstrual cramps, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, sleep disorders, foggy brain, muscle aches
  • Improves absorption of food and digestion in the body
  • Glowing look and a healthier skin
  • Improved sleep
  • Changes one’s perception for the better
  • Improves consciousness and awareness to life in general
  • Deepens meditation experience
  • Releases excess energy in your body
  • Facilitates the flow of prana to the organs
  • Deeply rejuvenation, especially after long travel, stress
  • Aids in the relief of grief

Marma session - $215, 75 min

MANTRA SOUND HEALING SESSIONS - for migraines, headaches, anxiety, sleep, grief, and other physiological blockages

Mantra Sound Healing is the frequencies of nature, also called devatas. Disease and disharmony can arise in our lives when these frequencies go out of sequence. Healing mantras are sound frequencies that establish order in the physiology and allow the memory (smriti) of health to be regained.

Human attention is healing. While listening to a recording of chanting is very profound, having a trained practitioner personally chant the mantra specifically for you along with their positive awareness promotes a deeper experience of wellbeing. The value is having someone direct the mantra to a targeted area of your body, emotions, or mind.

Mantra Healing Session - $105, 15 min; $155, 30 min

About Rose Carol, MA LPC, SVA Practitioner

Rose has been an Ayurveda Health Practitioner since 1989 and studied Vedic Science at Maharishi International University and mentored master Ayurvedic healer, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra for over 17 years. She is also a licensed professional counselor with a masters in clinical counseling and integrates Ayurveda and Psychology which focuses on the mind body connection. You may reach her directly at 847 636 2744