reawaken and recharge: a journal to the self

July 16



Come spend the day relaxing, recharging, and learning several journal writing techniques based on the work of Kathleen Adams that will help reawaken the writer within you. This workshop is geared towards those interested in learning forms of written creative expression that will lead to personal discovery, growth, and life enhancement.

Retreat includes:

-1-day, 5.5-hour journaling workshop held in Kosa’s Sanctuary lounge

- guided meditation

- tea and light lunch from Kosa Kitchen

- Private session in hot stone sauna and/or hydro-steam room to detox and finish the day

Workshop Instructor and bio: Joanna Hutchins PA-C, IFMCP. Joanna is a certified Journal to the Self® instructor. Additionally, she is a Physician Assistant, certified Functional Medicine practitioner, wife, and mother. She finds purpose and joy in helping people understand not only how their bodies work, but also their minds. Journaling is a helpful self-discovery tool to many, and Joanna believes that the more you can understand and be kind to yourself, the more you can understand and be kind to others.

Workshop fee: $220/person: (A portion of the fee will be donated to Kosa’s Inner Light Sanctuary Fund for those living with cancer.)