Work With Us

Kosa is building a team of people who want to share their gifts to serve the mission of bringing greater connection and happiness to those who visit us, and amongst ourselves. Our success lies in the quality and spirit of our people. Wellness professionals typically possess the quality of generosity towards others. At Kosa, we will also create a work environment that nurtures generosity among our team. This means focusing on the needs of the team with supportive schedules, fair wages and benefits, time for self-care and wellness, focus on personal growth, creativity, and a deep connection with one another.

Beginning in Fall of 2018, Kosa will be actively hiring for the following positions:

  • Spa Manager
  • Therapists with Ayurveda experience
  • Spa Attendants

If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please:

1) Send an email to

2) Include the name of the position applied for in the subject line

3) Include an email letter about why you are interested in the position, and what makes you uniquely qualified

4) Attach your resume

Spa Manager Job Description

Opening in May of 2019, Kosa is at the early stages of establishing the business and its community. We are seeking a Spa Manager that is entrepreneurial and innovative, who wants to use their creative gifts to see the Kosa vision become a reality and a long-term success. Reporting directly to the Owner, the Spa Manager will work collaboratively with her to hone the details, adapt to change and learn along the way.

The Spa Manager will inspire a team of massage therapists, estheticians and spa attendants to be healers at heart. This position requires compassion, diplomacy and polish. Our candidate will set the standards for 5-star service, while taking responsibility for training, performance standards, scheduling, profitability, and staff reviews and accountability.

A successful Spa Manager at Kosa has strong organizational, communication, and critical thinking skills to handle their managerial responsibilities and to represent the Kosa brand. They should be a detail-oriented team player with leadership and time management skills. They have the ability to anticipate the types of services that clients would most enjoy and benefit from, evolving a menu of services to meet these needs.

Embodying the Kosa brand, our Spa Manager is on a journey, seeking inner balance and connection. Therefore, they are already living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, or have set out on a path to do so.


Kosa is poised to become a breakthrough brand, creating a new experience in wellness that will provide our guests and the global community with an accessible means of creating balance and happiness in their lives. As such, we are seeking a Spa Manager who wants to be a part of that elevated mission, by supporting it with the following:

  • Associate's or bachelor's degree in hospitality, resort or small business management
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in spa management
  • Technical proficiency in Microsoft Suite, InDesign, and one or more leading Spa Management Software platforms
  • Demonstrated success leading and educating teams
  • Accounting and budgeting knowledge
  • Experience with retail purchasing and inventory
  • Knowledge of Ayurveda
  • Ability to work Friday, Saturday and Sundays; Must be flexible in work scheduling; Ability to work up to 50 hours per week
  • Pre-opening spa experience preferred


Kosa will be open 6 days per week, from 9:00am-8:30pm. The Spa Manager will be responsible for day-to-day operations, opening and closing of the spa, a minimum of 5 days per week.

We have carefully crafted the following list of responsibilities to ensure the Spa Manager is able to focus on using their essential gifts, to achieve a sense of satisfaction and contribution through the work they are doing.

Guest Experience

  • Anticipate, identify and ensure guest needs are being met in the best possible way, handling them with compassion and respect
  • Monitor guest satisfaction with surveys, focus groups and comment cards
  • Exhibit a professional attitude, poise, diplomacy and an ability to handle difficult situations
  • Uphold gracious front desk procedures in the booking and handling of guests
  • Develop and maintain compensation guidelines for guest complaint handling
  • Help build and manage a repeat loyalty program

Team Management & Leadership

  • Demonstrate an exceptional level of professionalism and character for the staff to emulate
  • Create a motivating environment of sincerity, warmth and fun for staff and guests
  • Develop a Recruitment Kit for effective recruiting, screening, interviewing and hiring all staff prior to Kosa opening and beyond
  • Develop and monitor Job Descriptions, team member reviews, and correction plans
  • Develop and maintain internal team retention programs
  • Create ongoing in-house promotions and activities to stimulate staff, guests, and sales
  • Create and Implement ongoing skills training to ensure service standards are innovative and meeting guest needs
  • Guide team, to become caring problem-solvers, cooperative, accommodating and fair
  • Schedule and lead team meetings to enable open communication, team connection and support
  • Manage and monitor team schedules, utilizing spa management software to ensure schedules meet team member scheduling preferences and guest needs


  • Co-create and maintain a Procedure Manual and ensure compliance
  • Develop and maintain literature, documentation and process handling requirements.
  • Attend management meetings and convey all relevant information throughout the operation
  • Ensure space and equipment is maintained in good working order
  • Maintain professional relationships with suppliers and providers
  • Ensure stock and cash items are kept safely under lock and key; Minimize or eliminate losses through negligence with monitoring programs
  • Implement a clearly established opening and closing procedure
  • Develop and manage procedures for accurate inventory control, monitoring, and purchasing
  • Ensure cleanliness and safety of all areas of the spa, creating a welcoming experience for guests and maintaining proper sanitation requirements
  • Manage all linens cleaning, distribution, storage, and ordering


  • Interpret Financial Reports and provide expertise on (projected) Revenue vs. Expenses.
  • Manage utilization of spa physical and human capacity vs. demand to enhance revenue
  • Use financial plans for spotting trends, measuring productivity and monitoring progress.
  • Implement opportunities for managing operational costs and boosting the bottom line
  • Implement full spa product and service purchasing standards and ensure compliance.
  • Administer staff and client scheduling for maximum revenue generation and profitability

Promotions and Sales

  • Ensure the Kosa brand is represented consistently across all aspects of the business
  • Develop and maintain gracious and efficient front desk procedures
  • Guide business decisions by staying on top of spa industry trends
  • Consistently develop and grow retail sales through training, tools and monitoring
  • Ensure the spa is always staged for maximum buyer impact; Maintain and update all necessary internal and external signage
  • Assist Owner with concepts and ideas to keep Kosa fresh and continuously meeting market needs