sanctuary for cancer patients

Inner Light Sanctuary: Empowered healing for those walking with cancer

Our Intention

We exist to provide sanctuary, support, and non-judgmental space where people living with cancer can retreat and connect with their inner healer. We want to support their journey, whether they choose a traditional medical route or self-led holistic approach. We offer respite and a space of one's own, away from institutions and home, where one can just BE.

The Inner Light Sanctuary offering is dedicated to Shilpa's father, Narayan, who was lost to cancer in 2006.

What can you do?

  1. APPLY FOR GRANTS - We are offering free and sliding scale access to Kosa's Inner Light Sanctuary.
  2. DONATE - We are asking that you - our community - offer your love and support in the form of a donation. Donations start at $25 and make a big difference!!
  3. TELL PEOPLE - Spread the word and spread the love!

Our Gift

Those in the Madison community who are living with cancer are eligible to receive grants that would gift them time at Kosa Ayurvedic Spa. The grants would be valid for three, 2-hour sessions to use our healing Sanctuary and meditation space, enjoy healing beverages and a nourishing meal, and detox in our hot stone sauna, and hydrotherapy steam room.

Applicants may receive grants for partial or full cost of the retreats, on a sliding scale based on qualification and availability of funds.

Apply for a grant here.

Join Us & Donate

Many of our lives have been touched by cancer. We support the journey of those walking with cancer by providing the single, most powerful offering we possess: Love. By donating to the Inner Light Sanctuary fund, you are extending your love to cancer patients in the form of retreat, nourishment, and self-healing.

In the future, our hope is to expand our offerings to include holistic workshops, guided retreats, holistic treatments, and food delivery. These offerings empower our grantee community and offer them an infusion of energy for the mind and body on their journeys.

Any amount you are able to contribute is deeply appreciated and the energy of your good intentions will carry through to our community. Please note that: 1) donations are not tax deductible at the moment, and 2) donation increments are set, but multiple increments may be donated to reach the level you wish to contribute.


Donations start at $25 and can be made in any increments.

There are three ways to donate to the fund:

1) Online donation

2) In-person donation at the spa, including at check out

3) Purchase a beautiful wishbone necklace hand made in San Francisco by Julie Cristello. All profits go to the Inner Light Sanctuary fund

Please help us reach this goal so we can welcome our grantees in August!


Thank you to Jeanne Esquivel and Deanna Shuette for generously volunteering and helping guide this offering.

About the Wishbone and Julie

A JCJ classic, this wishbone pendant was originally inspired by an amazing part of a bird's body frame, where the collar bones are fused together in the center, acting as an elastic spring when the bird flies. I take that meaning as a cue for myself when I wear it, to help me fly a little more efficiently through life's battles.

Made with love in San Francisco.

Materials: Solid bronze, deerskin leather

Size: Wishbone 1-1/2" long, leather is 14-1/2" from top of pendant to back of neck

Precious + Primitive. Ancient + Modern. Rich + Minimal. Textured + Clean.

Based in San Francisco, California, Julie Cristello Jewelry is the amalgamation of a lifetime of creative daydreaming, sketching, and observing. JCJ’s mission is to bring open-minded women and men confidence, power and joy through tribal, organic, modern talismans created using ethically-sourced materials with deep respect for a healthy planet.

JCJ pieces are locally designed, cast and hand-made in small quantities. They run the material gamut from 18k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds to hand-carved wood and natural leathers. The time-worn feel and raw femininity of her jewelry resounds with the modern, confident woman.