cleanse add-ons

Our intention is for you to be held through this process, supported by our healers, our space, and our community. We want this to become a regular, seasonal practice that brings long-term change into your life. Therefore, KOSA is offering everything you need to make this process simple and attainable.

Note that these offerings are available at these prices for Cleanse participants and are available to all guests a la carte.

Dinacharya Kit

This kit includes our

  • Dinacharya Guide
  • 8 oz Oil Pull
  • 1 oz KOSA Nasya Oil
  • 8 oz organic KOSA Massage Oil (select for your dosha)
  • Raw Silk Massage Gloves (Garshana)
  • Copper Tongue Scraper
  • KOSA CCF (Cumin, Coriander, Fennel) Tea

$90 Purchase Kit here

Khichdi Plan

This plan includes three portions of KOSA Khichdi. Our family recipe is made with seasonal lentils and locally sourced vegetables.

Khichdi Plan $42 Purchase here. Call to schedule pick-up.

Spa Package
If you are not participating in the Panchakarma, this package is designed to support your cleanse.

Package includes:

  • 105 min Abhyanga (warm organic oil lymphatic massage) + Shirodhara (warm herbal oil pour on third eye)
  • 105 min 5 Senses Therapy with 45 minute Abhyanga and restorative herbs and practices for the senses (see below)

Total for both sessions - $450

Purchase here and call to schedule (608.999.7558) - package price for a single guest

5 Senses Therapy

Awaken your five senses in one glorious treatment.

Our senses are the gateway to perception and need to be part of our seasonal self-care rituals. Indulge your 5 senses in a seasonal detox that rejuvenates, restores, and leaves you with greater presence and clarity.

Kosa’s 5 senses therapy includes:

  • Ghee eyewash with a soothing finish of hydrating rose water eye drops
  • Nourishing oil nasya to cleanse and moisturize your nose and soft palete
  • Tantalizing turmeric gargle to cleanse and heal your mouth and throat
  • Ear oleation with garlic or clove oil to bathe and lubricate your ears
  • Abhyanga and garshana to reinvigorate and refresh your skin and sense of touch

This treatment will reduce stress, boost your immunity, and help you experience greater overall well-being.

$220 Book online here

Custom Packages

Depending on your specific needs as defined by your counselor, we are offering a 10% discount on all foods, teas, services, herbs, and other products from our boutique and apothecary. Available to all Community Cleanse and Panchakarma participants.

Overnight Lodging

If you are traveling from out of town and seeking a place to retreat during your detox, we recommend the eclectic Hotel Indigo or cozy Covington Manor. Call for special booking discount.