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The Art of Living In Balance

KOSA welcomes you to retreat and to take the time for personal care while we support you on your journey. Everything our guests experience are seasonally crafted, fresh, and organic elements that are in balance with nature according to the principles of Ayurveda.

All services begin with an herbal foot bath and Ayurvedic health and/or skin consult, so that we can customize your service with the appropriate oils, touch, and techniques.

All guests are welcome to use our Sanctuary lounge for up to 30 minutes after your service(s). The steam and sauna are by appointment only, and can be booked for 1-hour private use with our Personal Retreat service add-on (see description below).

For groups of 4 or more, please see our Personal Retreats (below) and Group Offerings with safe and private options for couples and groups to connect with one another.

Call us to book Monday-Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm. 608.999.7558.

online bookings
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Credit card is required to hold all bookings, and will require prepayment of services for online bookings; 3) Gift cards purchased online can be used for online bookings, otherwise, call the spa to book with a gift card; 4) Gratuity is not included in online purchases and will be charged upon checkout; 5) It is recommended that bookings for multiple people are done by phone to coordinate times.

specialty services

spa together

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Our organic, customized facial or warm oil massage in a private room with your companion. Includes use of the private space for 20 minutes, with herbal neck wraps, and an herbal foot soak, and organic infused water, tea, and snacks from the KOSA Kitchen.

Each guest can choose their own service, which can be different from their partner's choice.

Please note that prices listed are per person (pp), not per couple. When booking online, select two Appointments in the Appointment tab. However, we suggest you call to book this service to coordinate the two bookings.

75-min Inner Glow Facial ($183/pp)

75-min Abhyanga or Kosa Custom Massage ($175/pp)

105-min Inner Glow Facial + Partial Abhyanga ($245/pp)

105-min Abhyanga + Pinda Sweda ($265/pp)


see description

steam & sauna retreat

1 hour; Add onto any service $55/pp; 2-3 people $50/pp; A la carte $75/pp; Retreat Membership $325 (for 6 sessions; 1 person)

A personal retreat provides a full hour of access to KOSA's meditation studio and sanctuary lounge, with its organic snacks, teas, and infused water, as well as exclusive private access to KOSA's hot stone sauna and hydrotherapy steam room. Enjoy the private time alone, or schedule a retreat with a partner or friends.

Note: 6-pack price does not include 15% gratuity.


see description


60 min - $180; Combo with 45 min Abhyanga - $280; 30 min Shiro add onto 5 Senses - $110

This service begins with a brief Ayurvedic consult to customize the treatment. Marma pressure points are then gently massaged to clear prana energy channels. Finally, warm, seasonal herbal oil is gently and rhythmically poured on the forehead for 30-40 minutes.

Often called "bliss therapy," this treatment has a profound cleansing impact on the mind and nerves. Learn more about Shirodhara.


Consider adding an Indian Head Massage to deepen the opening of energy channels in the head.


see description

kansa wand therapy

30 min - $65 (add-on)

Marma is a Sanskrit word meaning hidden or secret, and marma points are anatomic locations in one's body where life energy is concentrated. Physically, a marma point is a juncture where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones, or joints. When we touch marma points, we stimulate the body’s biochemistry to produce exactly what the body needs, including neurochemicals and hormones that heal the body, mind, and consciousness.

In some cases, therapists will use a Kansa Wand for marma therapy, as the wand balances pH, detoxifies, and freshens the skin.

Add onto any Abhyanga. Learn more about Marma Therapy.


see description

kiss the earth foot treatment

45 min - $90 (add-on); $100 (stand alone)

Add onto any massage or facial and receive special attention on the feet and back. We start with an aromatherapy epsom salt foot soak, ground your energy with a Kansa wand, scrub away dry skin with our house made sweet orange sugar polish, and treat you with deeply hydrating mango butter and sandalwood oil lotion.


see description

nourishment bowl + beverage add-on


Ayurvedic care starts within, with food as medicine. The right foods, made with love, heal and restore.

Complete your treatment with any organic, vegetarian bowl plus beverage from KOSA Kitchen. Currently available is our seasonal Khichdi or bowl of the week along with Masala Chai or Ashwagandha Golden Milk.


see description

savasana sleep

20 min; $30

This twenty minute restorative nap includes aromatherapy and marma relaxation therapy and can be added to any service.


see description

5 senses ritual

90 min - $230

Awaken your five senses in one glorious treatment.

Our senses are the gateway to perception and need to be part of our seasonal self-care rituals. Indulge your 5 senses in a seasonal detox that rejuvenates, restores, and leaves you with greater presence and clarity.

Kosa’s 5 Senses Therapy includes:

  • Ghee eyewash with a soothing finish of hydrating rose water eye drops
  • Nourishing oil nasya to cleanse and moisturize your nose and soft palate
  • Tantalizing turmeric gargle to cleanse and heal your mouth and throat
  • Ear oleation with garlic or clove oil to bathe and lubricate your ears
  • Abhyanga and garshana to reinvigorate and refresh your skin and sense of touch

This treatment will reduce stress, boost your immunity, and help you experience greater overall well-being.

Add on a Shirodhara as a beautiful way to integrate your 5 Senses Treatment.


see description

new beginnings purification ritual

105 min - $240

Cleanse away old energy, purify, and make space for your deepest intentions to manifest. Ritual includes rosemary ubtan (foot and leg scrub), smoke purification, chakra cleansing, guided pranic healing, head massage, spinal marma, and a full body warm cedarwood oil Abhyanga.


see description

restorative vata pacifying ritual

120 min - $290

This restorative, nourishing ritual is designed to calm and ground Vata dosha. Vata imbalance, typically occurring during late winter/early spring manifests as dry skin, anxiety, bloating, insomnia and restlessness.

The ritual pacifies Vata with warm oil Abhyanga penetrating the skin and tissues, guided breath work, shirodhara bliss therapy oil treatment on the third eye, herbalized ear oil treatment, centering abdominal massage, calming marma pressure point massage, and Pinda Sweda rice bolus massage with coconut milk rice and specialty herbs to nourish the skin and soothe the nervous system.


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kosa balancing ritual

105 min - $260

Abhyanga oil treatment with full body Classic Abhyanga plus silk glove brushing and Indian Head Massage with herbalized oil. This energizing and detoxifying ritual is perfect during a cleanse.

Includes personal raw silk Garshana Gloves to take home.


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60 min - $125; 30 min add-on $60

Reiki is Universal-Life-Energy. The practitioner is the vessel for the energy to flow through, to heal emotional, physical, and spiritual symptoms of distress.

Our Level 1 practitioner brings intuitive energy to leave you feeling relaxed, light, and recharged.


see description

sound therapy

105 min - $240; 6 sessions - $650

The Sound therapy session is a body-mind balancing experience, individually designed for your unique health needs. Tuning forks, crystal and Tibetian bowls, gong, acupressure, reiki, essential oils, and cranial sacral therapy are all integrated into the 105-minute treatment. Evidence-based research demonstrates that specific sound tools and tuning fork intervals stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory hormones and healthy chemicals that reduce stress by increasing the body's production of nitric oxide, serotonin, and oxytocin. These "happy hormones" help regulate the parasympathetic nervous system and vasodilation and increase healthy vagal tone. Clients seeking respite from daily stress and those struggling with anxiety, depression, auto immune disorders, and chronic pain express that sound healing sessions are profoundly restorative and often help create meditative alpha and theta brain state experiences that are affirming and healing.

You will work with Elizabeth Kiser, a registered music therapist and trauma-informed yoga teacher with an extensive background in therapeutic bodywork, wellness education, and psychology. Together you will design a session or series of treatments that address your wellness goals. Beth finds great joy in supporting each client's creativity and well-being through therapeutic sound and music's gentle, non-invasive healing properties.


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Note: All prices and services are subject to change.