bodhi ayurveda special rituals


Carol Nace of Bodhi Ayurveda joins us at Kosa, offering the gift of special services available to the community for a limited time.

Carol is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, PanchaKarma Technician and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. All of this in-depth study and years of experience results in a personalized, yet comprehensive, mind, body and spirit experience.

Services are available on July 19th only. Book online with links below or call the spa! 608.999.7558

Lotus Blooming Experience: Heart Opening Marma with Abhyanga

Envision your inner light floating in a gem, resting at the heart of a Lotus, residing at your heart center. This light is your true self awaiting to shine. Using mantras, herbs and subtle, gentle massage of vital energy points (marmas), your heart lotus blooms. Nourishing your skin with warm ayurvedic oils with an abhyanga treatment, leaves you feeling light, loved and enlivened.

120 min; $275

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Blissful Awakening Experience: Full Body Marma Therapy

The experience of awakening Prana, our life force energy, brings about balance, healing and bliss. Marmas are vital energy points located throughout the body, supporting how Prana flows and supports our life force energy. Using mantras, herbs and subtle, gentle massage on these points, stagnant Prana is allowed to flow freely and naturally, while allowing for new Prana to enter unrestricted. This is a deeply meditative practice to give and receive.

120 min; $275

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