heart opening valentines's day package

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Madison, WI 53704


February is a month dedicated to Love. Whether you choose to spend time with your sweetie, a cherished friend, or by yourself, this is a time to open your heart and give it priority over your mind. Leading with loving awareness can bring abundance to your life.

This Heart Opening Retreat give you space to nourish and listen to your heart. It includes:

  • 45-minute heart opening Abhyanga - with lush amounts of warm oil infused with rose
  • Kosa Kitchen Khichdi - lentil, rice, and vegetable bowl to warm the soul
  • Rose Cardamom Latte - incorporates spices, fresh ingredients, and Ayurvedic herbs known for heart opening and aphrodisiac properties
  • Rose Jasmine heart opening spritz
  • Personal Retreat Steam/Sauna Ritual - Access to our hot stone sauna, aromatherapy hydro-steam room, meditation space, and Sanctuary lounge stocked with hand-made teas and snacks, space to read, sleep, journal

Featured ingredients include:

Rose: Rose is considered a heart tonic. It strengthens the heart (opens the heart chakra), increases love, compassion, and devotion.

Cacao: Unlocks euphoric states, releases negative emotions and connects one to pure heart energy. We source ours directly from women farmers in South America.

Ashwaganda: An adaptogenic herb that lowers cortisol and stress, results in greater relaxation and increased libido.

Cost: $185 for package ($25 savings)