new mama spa package and gift bundle

Rejuvenate and nourish your body, grounding yourself into a motherhood with self-care. In Ayurveda, the first 40 days after birth are the most critical for healing and rebuilding, while supporting healthy breastfeeding and bonding with the new baby. It is a small, but important window and starting it on the right path with self-care creates a foundation for future years as a mother.

Kosa is offering two packages for care at the spa or at home:

New Mama First 40 Day Rituals:

  • 1-hour Ayurvedic health consultation
  • (3) Nourishing khichdi meals with Ayurvedic latte
  • (3) Abhyanga warm oil treatments
  • (2) Low back herbal oil treatments
  • At-home care package with special Abhyanga oil, Lactation Tea, and Yoni Herbal Steam
  • 15% discount on all products and services for 6 months

$750 ($130 discount)

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New Mama Self-Care Package

  • New Mama Abhyanga Oil - safe for prenatal and breastfeeding self-massage
  • Organic Lactation Tea - with fennel, shatavari, ginger, elderberry
  • Yoni Herbal Steam - for vaginal health and rejuvenation with rose, calendula, plantain
  • Khichdi Spice Mix - organic spices to nourish and help with digestion
  • Khichdi Recipe - family recipe
  • Vata Cinnamon Cedarwood Soy Candle - to balance Vata dosha by grounding and warming mind and body
  • New Mama Self-Care card

$76 ($10 discount)

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