sound therapy


Kosa is honored to welcome Elizabeth Kiser in residence, to offer this deeply healing practice of sound bathing. You will work with Elizabeth, a registered music therapist and trauma-informed yoga teacher with an extensive background in therapeutic bodywork, wellness education, and psychology. Together you will design a session or series of treatments that address your wellness goals. Beth finds great joy in supporting each client's creativity and well-being through therapeutic sound and music's gentle, non-invasive healing properties

The Sound therapy session is a body-mind balancing experience, individually designed for your unique health needs. Tuning forks, crystal and Tibetian bowls, gong, acupressure, reiki, essential oils, and cranial sacral therapy are all integrated into the 105-minute treatment. Evidence-based research demonstrates that specific sound tools and tuning fork intervals stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory hormones and healthy chemicals that reduce stress by increasing the body's production of nitric oxide, serotonin, and oxytocin. These "happy hormones" help regulate the parasympathetic nervous system and vasodilation and increase healthy vagal tone. Clients seeking respite from daily stress and those struggling with anxiety, depression, auto immune disorders, and chronic pain express that sound healing sessions are profoundly restorative and often help create meditative alpha and theta brain state experiences that are affirming and healing.

Choose from an individual 1:1 session, a series of 3 sessions, or a group sound healing experience. Call us to book 608.999.7558