ayurvedic wellness counseling

We are honored to support you on this journey toward balance, empowered self-healing, and sustainable wellness.

With the basic principles of Ayurveda, and the essence of balancing our bodies and minds with nature, it is important to work with a counselor as a guide to tune into one's inner wisdom. Over time, working with a counselor, you will begin to understand your body, how you respond to and digest all aspects of your life, including environmental factors, work, play, exercise, food, emotions, and spiritual connections.

A initial consultation consists of an exam by your counselor. They will look for clues to understand your current state of well-being. The exam includes a pulse reading, viewing of the tongue, eyes, and other aspects of your physical make up.

In order to understand balance in all areas of your life, the counselor will also review your intake form. During the first consult, you will be asked to complete a Dosha Quiz and an extended health intake form. This set of questions includes information about your digestion, lifestyle, and behaviors - looking at the whole you.

Subsequent consultations include additional exams and questions to understand your state at any given moment, comparing it to previous consults and mapping that to lifestyle changes to determine what is affecting your health.

At the end of all consultations, you will receive a customized Wellness Balancing Plan, that may include nutritional adjustments, self-care practices, exercise and meditation recommendations, and herbal supplements, Ayurvedic treatments, and future consultations.

While we all can continuously tune our lifestyles to optimize how we feel, the pace at which we do so depends on each person's readiness for change. As such, our counselors are compassionate and present with each client, working with you as an individual to determine the best path for you.

This is a process of learning about your body through making these shifts and observing the effects. Consider the time it has taken for your body to accumulate toxins and stressors that have resulted in your current state. As such, it will take time to realize benefits of your practice, but with dedicated and consistent practice, transformation can be realized.

Given the timeless and universal nature of Ayurveda, it is not a fad with extreme or unusual lifestyle requirements. Instead, it is gentle, natural, and intuitive. Kosa's counselors are here to support you on your path, believing you have the energy within yourself to move toward a healthy and balanced life.

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