building resilience and immunity

Building Resilience for Flu & Virus Season

As healers, we are working to counter-balance seasonal changes and times of year when we are most vulnerable. Ultimately, we are all exposed to the same things, but those who have a regular practice of self-care, focusing on the whole body and mind, will be resilient.

Our staff pooled together our top 7 self-care practices to share with you, using Ayurvedic wisdom and science:

1) Getting proper rest - Sleep improves the potential ability of some of the body's immune cells to attach to their targets, according to a new study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. Proper sleep means going to bed to optimize our most restorative cycles between 10-12pm, and waking between 6-7am. At a minimum, sticking to the same sleep and wake times regulates your circadian cycles. Also, avoiding alcohol, food, and screens during the two hours before bedtime will allow for more sound sleep. And for an added bonus, massaging sesame oil on the bottom of your feet before bed helps calm the body for deeper sleep.

2) Keeping a healthy mind - The Center for Healthy Minds has conducted research showing the positive effects meditation has on the brain, including overall health and wellness. These practices decrease cortisol and produce serotonin, which creates a sense of well-being. If you don't have a meditation practice, spending time in nature forest bathing, being with community virtually or in-person, engaging in activities that encourage positivity and fun, and appreciating the little things -- all of these have positive effects on the brain that can help you fight illness.

3) Detoxifying - We recommend epsom salt baths, sauna, and steam to draw out excess toxicity from the body. Be sure to stay hydrated! KOSA offers guests access to our steam room, sauna, and private bath ritual with orange, ginger, and chamomile Ayurvedic salts. Additional daily practices (Dinacharya in Ayurveda) include tongue scraping, oil pulling, and drinking warm lemon water in the morning can establish balance in one's constitution. It also regulates a person's biological clock, aids digestion, absorption, and assimilation.

4) Increasing Lymphatic Circulation - The lymphatic system carries immune cells that help the body fight infection. There are many different methods of lymphatic stimulation to move these cells into the body, including dry brushing, silk glove brushing, and Abhyanga massage. Each of these methods involves long strokes, moving from the extremities toward the main lymphatic areas, including groin, armpits, and throat. KOSA offers silk glove brushing and Abhyanga massage with carefully selected essential oils to optimize health for your mind-body constitution.

5) Eating clean and for the season - If those greens are looking good to you, it's because your body wants them. Spinach, microgreens, and other seasonal foods are high in vitamin C and B for boosting immunity, increasing energy, and eliminating free radicals. Additionally, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and sugar will contribute to a better-balanced microbiome, which has a positive effect on your immune system and general sense of well-being.

6) Drinking immunity-boosting teas - Drink teas like Holy Basil (tulsi) tea, an adaptogen that fortifies the digestive & nervous systems, and restores proper pH levels in the body. Other options include ginger, turmeric, clove. These elements can be boiled together, strained, and enjoyed warm. Throw in some black peppercorns for its sinus clearing and antioxident properties. At KOSA we serve a lemon tulsi water infusion for an extra boost, and our cumin, coriander, fennel tea with tulsi and lavender for immunity and calming the system.

7) Using essential oils - Diffusing and applying essential oils on the skin (with a carrier) for their antibacterial properties can be part of a morning routine. We love Germ Fighter and Thieves blends for diffusing and great smell! At KOSA we use our own blend of clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary.

Last, but not least - UNPLUG.

We practice what we preach, and share it with you at KOSA. Visit us for our seasonal teas, Ayurvedic cuisine, aromatherapy, detoxifying sauna and steam, meditation space, lymphatic Abhyanga treatments and deep caring for your wellness.

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Raita is a savory yogurt often served as a side to any meal.