connecting with the 5 elements

5 Elements Mindfulness Practices

On Earth Day, or any day, these simple practices will create balance and connection with the five elements of nature, water, wind, fire, ether, earth. In Ayurveda, we are comprised of the five elements of the universe in different proportions, defining our unique constitution, or dosha. When these are out of balance, we experience issues with our health.

Recent science has affirmed that being in nature can improve mood,
lower stress levels and blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. Terpenes (phytochemicals produced by trees), have proven therapeutic effects such as for treating asthma.

In our bodies, the five elements are found as follows:

  • Earth - This element evolves from all the others. It is contained in bones, muscles, tissues, teeth.
  • Water - Blood, saliva, stomach, the nerves, the joints, and the respiratory system. Our bodies are 60% water by weight.
  • Fire - This is the element of transformation, which primarily happens in the digestive system. It is also associated with the body’s heat, thoughts, emotions, and obsessions.
  • Air - This element is present in the respiratory system and nerves, oxygen, breath, motion, and lightness.
  • Ether - Most of matter is empty space between particles. The ear, mouth, and all empty space in the body are ether.

When we connect more deeply with these elements in nature, then we are
inherently connecting with these same elements in our bodies, bringing
mindful attention to the oneness of ourselves in the greater whole.

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namaste for well-being

Meaning "I bow to you", namaste is a mudra that keeps us healthy and cultivates deeper connection.