eye strain & headache therapy

by Sarah Klinzing-Le

Most of us are on screens, hunched over devices, and sitting at desks all day. This puts strain on our eyes, causes furrowing, and can result in headaches. These simple practices can bring relief, relaxation, and brighten your eyes while offering mindfulness to your daily activity.

Some eye strain tips (demonstrated in video):

  • Take frequent screen breaks, meditate
  • Drink Pitta pacifying teas (cooling ingredients like mint)
  • Connect visually with nature
  • Massage the eyes, face and neck
  • Use palming technique
  • Stretch and exercise the eyes

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legs up the wall pose

Viparita Karina, in sanskrit means “inverted action”, or most commonly known as Legs-Up-The-Wall pose, is restorative and aids in repose and contentment.