artisans and partners

The innermost layer of the self, anandamaya kosa, is our bliss body. In this place we experience innate unity with those around us. The practice of seva, or service, is part of the path toward this kosa.

In everything we do, from caring for our guests and people, to environmental and social responsibility, to supporting our community, we are cultivating a practice that brings us this bliss and joy.

We take great joy in curating products that are beautiful, healthy, and embody the good energy that are infused by their makers. As such, we seek to source our skincare, herbs, teas, produce, meditation cushions, some furniture and boutique items from regional, mostly-Wisconsin-based makers.

In addition, we work closely with women's empowerment NGOs in India, who have hand-crafted our signature, organic bamboo robes, kurta lounge wear, therapist uniforms, jewelry, and other specialty items. All proceeds from these sales go directly to the women who are using their gifts and talents, in order to raise them out of challenging economic and social conditions.

We continue to seek partnerships that align with these values, in order to bring you thoughtful selection of curated offerings. As guests and customers, you are supporting sustainability and our global community, while cultivating your bliss and joy.