pinda sweda

KOSA cooks organic, basmati rice in coconut milk, adds organic seasonal
herbs and wraps the mixture in soft muslin pouches for a moist, warming,
aromatic treatment.

The nourishing concoction is wrapped in organic muslin pouches, then soaked in bowls of warm oil. After a warm oil Abhyanga, we take our boluses in pairs, and gently massage and glide onto each area of the body. The therapist strategically places the four pouches, or boluses, on joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues.

The coconut milk is ultra-moisturizing for the skin, muslin cloth gently exfoliating, herbs (ashwaganda and calendula) relaxing and therapeutic, and rice adds a warm moisture to the body. Plus it just feels amazing.

Benefits of Pinda Sweda include improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, joint health, relaxed muscles, enhanced injury recovery, and complete relaxation. Many of these beautiful Ayurvedic treatments result in improved sleep, which is a cornerstone to overall health. Pinda Sweda is no exception.

Enjoy this treatment alone or as part of your Build Your Own Detox package to help you build immunity and balanced health this season.

As with other treatments, the oils and herbs are selected and personalized in order to balance your individual constitution (Dosha) with the season and other environmental factors. KOSA uses organic, natural ingredients to synchronize your body with nature.

shirodhara oil treatment

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